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Whats New:

Build your own self amplified speaker!!!

Now you easily customize your own powered speaker by building your own powered speakers from the choices that we offer.  Click on "Customize your powered speaker" from the top menu and follow through by selecting your choices.   


Dante enabled IP Addressable speakers

We have combined the Dante system into our speakers.  The new DS/DT series is PoE+ enabled IP addressable Dante enabled and self amplified speaker.  The system is PoE only without a need for separate power supply!   




New Price Schedule available to our dealers.

Feb. 2016 price sheet is available to all of our dealers.  Please request your login info to receive current price schedule.


Cannot find the model numbers?

At times, we designate model numbers to our specifiers and dealers who would like to have their own custom numbers for the products.  If you cannot find the custom part number that you are looking for, please give us a call or email us.

AMK Recommendations


PSA Series
  You have several choices of input connections and several power supply options as well.

For patient rooms, operating rooms, office rooms, etc.

  Similar speaker set up as PSA series, in addition, the package comes with quick connect wire cables.

QSA Series
This is for larger rooms in the hospital. The speaker package is a quad set including 1 amplified speaker and 3 companion speakers which are connected in parallel.

PCS Series

  For retro fit situation, i.e., old buildings with limited or no plenum ceiling space. 

SQ Series


Hallways and general paging areas.

2x2 quick installation system.



PT Series

  Same powered speaker system as PSA615 above, except that this is a 2x2 quick installation version. 

SA Series

Hallways and general paging areas.

CS Series

   Surface mount speakers for applications that has no ceiling access.  Foreground music and paging applications.













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